To setup a parking ticket Payment Plan you must call our office
or visit a City of Chicago Payment Center. 

Any payment received via this web site will be credited to your parking tickets
but will not contribute to your down payment in setting up a payment plan

Setup a Payment Plan by Phone.  

CALL 312-604-7100 TODAY

You can setup a payment plan by telephone with your checking account, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card.  Once you setup a payment plan,
we will remove you from the boot list within 24 hours


Click Here for Payment Plan Terms

If you would prefer to visit a City of Chicago Payment Center to setup a payment plan,
their locations are listed below

Payment Center Locations:                                Hours of Operation:

2550 W. Addison                                   Monday (8am 5pm)
            800 N. Kedzie                                        Tuesday - Friday (8am 6:30pm)
            4770 S. Kedzie                                       Saturday (8am 3:30pm)
            2006 E. 95th Street


121 N. LaSalle, Room 107A                 Monday Friday (8am 5pm)
            400 W. Superior, 1st floor                     Monday Friday (8am 4:30pm)
                                                                           & Saturday (9am 3pm)